2007 C1 990


Configuration Twin Crank/ Triple OHC/Wet Deep Sump
Type Z-Line 4
Displacement 990cc
Bore 82mm
Stroke 46.85mm
Included Valve angle 22 degrees
Fuel Injection Single overhead/10bar pressure
Exhaust FMF Titanium 45mm 4-2-4
Cooling Multi-stage with twin front and rear ducted under tail radiators
Cam Drive Gear with compliant element
Intake Valve Titanium 33.5mm diameter with 4.5mm stem
Exhaust Valve Titanium 28.0mm diameter with 4.5mm stem


Gearbox 6 Speed, Quick change, Close ratio
Clutch Dry pack with Hydro electro slipper control
(replica: ramp and ball slipper control)


Display Magneti Marelli DDU
Data Acquisition Magneti Marelli SDT E (replica: optional)
Throttle Control 2 cylinders fly-by-wire
Ignition 4 plug mounted coils
Charging System 350W, 14V Magnetti Marelli permanent magnet
Data Acq sensors 20+ (replica: optional)
Data Acq Channels 250 (replica: optional)


Seat Height 32.5in (825mm)
Foot Peg Height 16in (400mm)
Seat to Handlebar 30in (785mm)
Frame/ Subframe Carbon Fiber Frame 5kg / Carbon Fiber Subframe 2.5 kg
Swing arm Aluminum with adjustable pivot concentric to output shaft
Rear Suspension DUO spring with regressive damped Ohlins shock
Front Suspension 6X Flex with Ohlins shock
Wheel Base adjustable 1420mm to 1475mm
Rake 22.5 degrees
Trail Independently adjustable 89mm – 101mm
Front Wheel Carbon Fiber BST 16.5 x 3.5
Rear Wheel Carbon Fiber BST 16.5 x 6.25
Tires Michelin C3M Technology
Brake Calipers Brembo Monoblock radial mount calipers
Brake Rotors Brembo 320mm
Fuel Tank Carbon Fiber 2 kg
Body Carbon Fiber


Weight Less than 350lbs (158 kg) (replica: less than 375lbs)
HP 220+ hp @ 15,000rpm (replica: 200+ hp @ 15,000rpm)
Torque 80+ ft/lbs (108+ N.m) (replica: torque subject to change)
Max RPM 16,000