The motor is my biggest passion. It is my desire as well as my hope. This blog is the place where I want to share my valuable knowledge which is accumulated during years of motorcycle driving experience. It also helps me to earn a living. 

About the previous owner of motoCzysz

The motoCzysz was established by Michael Czysz – a professional motorcycle racer. He has many years of experience in motorcycle racing. At the age of 30, he started his own company named motoCzysz with the aim of competing in MotoGP racing. 

Not just stopping at gathering and training motorcycle racer, the motoCzysz company also develops its own technology on the motorcycle with many patented innovations. 

With a passion for the motorcycle, Michael always keeps himself update with the latest technology and accessories about the motorcycle. In order to share the knowledge on the motorcycle with his customer and other motorcycle lovers, Michael starts this blog. This is where not only amateur motorcycle lovers but also professional motorcycle racer can find the most updated information, knowledge about motorcycle technology, motorcycle racing techniques.

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